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 Captain: Derek Hinks


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It’s been a very difficult week for me with Blatchy’s Hardy A team playing the same weekend and taking most of my A list players!  I’ve been on my hands and knees praying for some players this week (I’m not religious I don’t go the church -  just the village club! lol)

It’s a senior moment, lead by example by Chelsea pensioner Harry Eden, and a hard day was had by each group, apart from one pairing.  First out was (away the lads Geordie) Dave Bamford and (Chelsea Pensioner) Harry Eden struggling with the wet and windy conditions, and the power play of one of their opponents, going down 5 & 3 loss.

Second out was (best golfer in the club) Dean Furzey and (last minute replacement) Geoff Bannister.  With a lot of the credit going to both, they battled  to a good half -  well done lads.

Out third were (leaky) Simon Lloyd and (Master Builder) Dave Sobczyk-  also battling the conditions and the hilly terrain going down 5 & 4 loss.

Out fourth was (socket technician) Roger Harvey and (Terrance Trent) Malcolm Darby (his first 3CL game for me) going on steady around the terrain. His  24 handicap was upsetting the opponents with some big hitting, going on to win 5 & 4 - well played to you both.

Finally out at last in the match was (Captain) Derek Hinks and (long hitter) Toby Creighton. The  stressed Hinks, after  a difficult selection week, finally calmed down on the first tee, winning the first hole and then  setting off into the wildness with Creighton’s long hitting. But unfortunately his chipping was a bit of a problem and when in very good positions let him down, - the pair going on to also lose 5 & 4.  

Out last but by no mean least was two good eggs. Both steady players. (Ex landlord) George Taylor and (school teacher) overseas player Gareth Lewis played in a topsy turvey game winning  the J Harring Trophy on the eighteenth hole by 1 up.

My thanks go to all playing staff today for making my team and some at such short notice too. A big thank you to Charminster captain Nigel and his team, for making us welcome, for the hospitality, and the catering staff for the food after.

The result was 3 ½ - 1 ½ in Charminster’s favour.

Points wise was 12 – 6.

Next 3CL match is Saturday 17th June.  

Sturminster  Marshall, home.

Many thanks,


Thought of the day: Never lick your balls clean.





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