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2017 Hardy A Match Fixtures

  The 2017 fixtures are shown in the Schedule  below. This league is singles match play for players with handicaps of 10 or less.

2017 Captain:

 Martin Blatchford



Following last weeks white wash at Bridport ,Captain Blatchy was happy to achieve any result that was better than that. - could there be worse?  The first job of the day was to meet up at the local Weatherspoons for those that wanted a pre-match breakfast . Unfortunately some understood the message and one didn't and duly arrived two hours before the rendezvous time! Never mind Lilly i hope you enjoyed your pre-breakfast breakfast at McDonalds! The journey through Dorchester was not without drama. PCSO Maguire had a frightening experience whilst trying to cross the road, Seniors should use the designated pedestrian crossings Mark! The Captain was seen to be walking firstly into the wrong establishment then a wall mounted ashtray!  Onto the course and it was a hap hazard start as the home side could only muster 7 players due to the injury of their lead man. This meant everybody shuffling up and then no opponent for PCSO - a great shame given he had stepped in at the last minute to help the Folke side.

In pouring rain first on the tee was Windy Miller a confidence player that was desperately searching for some kind of form. After a poor start Miller got into the game but having given his opponent a four hole head start it was always going to be a tall order and defeat was conceded with a 3&2 loss.

Second up and making his Hardy A debut was Simon Galeforce. Nailing his drive down gave him the confidence he needed to go on and bag a tremendous 6&4 victory never giving his opposite number a sniff. Third out was the Silver Fox - finding himself down early left a mountain to climb and despite a valiant effort a handshake was made on a 5&4 loss.

Number Four was the Skipper Blatchy desperately seeking Susan and his game. A great start down the first was spoilt by yet more abject putting that was to haunt him throughout his short round,having to shake hands with a 7&6 defeat which was eased slightly by the his opponent Geraint Hughes who who was great company throughout.  Number five was Lilly Allen who was obviously tired from his early start to the day,weighed down by two breakfast a hefty 8&6 defeat was had by the ever available Allen. Number Six was Pikey Pitcher rocking up in his travellers van,this cheeky chappie was going steady early doors but the back nine caught up with him and a defeat was conceded on eighteen two down.

Number Seven out was sniffling Smithy who before setting off had to have a dose of man up pills which seemed to work wonders as he got himself into a tremendous four hole lead early doors before playing some steady golf to bring home a great 3&2 victory.

Number Eight was the unfortunate PCSO Maguire who claimed his first Hardy A point without having to put up a fight as there was no opponent to tackle!

Grateful thanks from the Captain to all that played in terrible conditions early on, a great bunch of committed Folke members some of whom are prepared to play well out of their allocated handicaps. Thanks also to Came Down whose course was in great condition despite the weather.

Quote of the day: The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course! I’m of to walk my dog...you guys have a good week,see you on the Tee Saturday.

Blatchy :-)






Sun 19 March

Hardy A v Ferndown (K/O Cup)


Lost 7:1

Sat 20 May

Hardy A v  Crane Valley

Crane Valley

 Lost 7:1

Sat 27 May

Hardy A v Bridport


Halved 4:4

Sat 8 July

Hardy A v  Bulbury Woods


1:00 pm

Sat 15 July

Hardy A v Bridport


Lost 8:0

Sat 23 July

Hardy A v  Came Down

Came Down

Lost 5:3

Sat  26 August

Hardy A v   Crane Valley



Hardy A Match Report

Came Down  (Away)

Sun 23 July

Result:  Folke 3 Came Down 5