Welcome to our  Club House and Restaurant

Folke Golf Centre are pleased to announce that the clubhouse bar and restaurant facilities have been fully refurbished and are now open. Bookings are now being taken for weddings and other social occasions. Come and enjoy our delicious food and dining experience or just sit back and relax with drinks in the sunshine on our new patio. Toni and Nigel Bow are waiting to welcome you to our Club House. The menus are shown below and are available now. We also cater for special occasions - Christmas and Birthday Parties, Sunday Carverys, Steak Nights, and other occasions - Give Toni a call on 01963 23330. 

Opening Times and Dates

The restaurant is open most days and weekends
(Friday afternoons - snacks only - no hot food.)

For further information or to book meals or information on our hospitality facilities call   01963 23330

4 Seasons Events @Folke 

Why not enjoy a visit to 4 Seasons at Folke. Our popular Steak Night is on Friday 1st March and our equally popular Sunday Carvery on 11th February. You can also surprise your loved ones with a Valentines Dinner treat on 18th February. Buy your tickets for these events at the bar or call us on 01963 23330.

General Menus    

  • Sandwiches
    (served with crisps and a salad garnish)-
    --  Tuna Mayonnaise £4:50
    - Egg Mayonnaise £4:50
    - Cheese and Ham £5:00
    - Cheese with (Pickle, cucumber, tomato or onion) £4:50
    - Ham with (Tomato, cucumber or
    pickle) £4:50
    - Coronation Chicken £5:00
    Add any extra items at a cost of 50p each
    Toasted Sandwiches £1:00 extra
  • Hot Sandwiches
    Bacon or Sausage or Fried Egg - £3:50
    Sausage & Bacon - £4:00
    Sausage or Bacon & Fried Egg - £4:00
    Sausage, Bacon & Fried Egg - £4:00
    4Seasons@Folke Club Sandwich £6:00
    (Slices of warm chicken, crispy bacon, Mayo and salad sandwiched between 3 pieces of toasted bread) 
  • Jacket Potatoes
    (Served with a salad garnish)
    - Cheese £6:00
    - Beans £6:00
    - Tuna Mayonnaise £6:00
    - Coronation Chicken £7:00
    - Chili con carne £7:00
    Add any extra item for £1

  • Light Bites
    - Soup of the day served with rustic roll £5:00
    - Omlettes (3 eggs, 2 fillings of your choice, and additional items 50p extra)£5:00
  • Sides
    - Portion of chips or fries £2:50
    - Portion of cheesy chips or fries £3:50
    - Onion Rings £2:00
    - Garlic Bread £2:00
    - Cheesy Garlic Bread £3:0
    - Bread and Butter £1:00
    - Nachos (with Jalapenos, Salsa and Cheese)   £4:50
  • Burgers
    - Cheeseburger (with lettuce, tomato & onions) and Chips or Fries - £6:00
    - Cheese & Bacon beefburger (with lettuce, tomato & onions) and Chips or Fries £7:00
    - Bad Boy Burger (Two premium burgers, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Mushrooms and Onions) with Chips. £10:50

  •                  Main Meals
    - Omelette and Chips (3 Eggs, 2 filling of your choice, and additional items 50p each) £7:50
    - Ham, Egg, Chips and Peas £8:00
    - 3 Sausage, Chips and Beans £7:00
    - 3 Sausage, Mash and Peas/Beans £7:50
    - Scampi Chips and Peas £8:50
    - Lasagne, Chips and Garlic Bread £8:00
    - Chicken Tikka Curry with rice and Naan Bread £8:00
    - Chilli with Rice and Cheesy Nachos £8:00
    - Homemade pie of the day, chips or mash and peas or beans £8:00
  • Children's Menu
    -  Chicken Nuggets, Chips, beans or peas.£5:00
    -  3 Fish fingers, chips or mash with peas or beans. £5:50
    - Mini Cheese and tomato pizza with chips. £5:00
    - Macaroni cheese with bacon. £5:00
  • Folke Golf Centre
  • Folke Lane
  • Alweston, Sherborne
  • Dorset DT9 5HR
  • 01963  23330