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Welcome to the Senior Section

Regular Tuesday and Thursday morning Block Bookings are reserved for groups of  senior players. The tee time allocations for Senior roll up events will be done by a draw 15 minutes prior to tee off on the day. On alternate "free" Thursday Roll Ups several different formats may be used. For the latest information see the Folke Senior WhatsApp group page. (To join the group contact Geoff Bannister). You can indicate your intention to play in special events and team matches via the Entry Sheets on the Club Notice Board.

Senior Events and OOM Winners
 The overall 2024 Club Calendar of Events and current month events will be  shown on the Calendar Page when available and the 2024 Hardy A, Hardy B and 3 Counties Team schedules of events will be shown on the League Teams page. The 2024 main senior events, and latest results and Order of Merits  are shown below.  

OOM Information
The 2024 OOM leaders for the Thursday medal and the Tiger Trophy are shown in the Table below. The Sunday Medal and Race to the Village results and OOMs can be seen on the Special Events page when available.

Winter Knockout Competitions
The draws for the Winter Knockout competitions  can be seen  on the Knockout Page of this web site.

County Card Trophy
The last County Card Trophy competition was won by Stuart Beardsley on 14th September at Wareham. The first round of the 2024 CCT has been delayed due to the weather and will now take place at Folke on Thursday 7th March, tee off at 9:00 am. The entry sheet is on the notice board and the £16 entry fee includes a hot lunch and prize money. For further information please contact Stuart Beardsley.

Week Day Roll Ups: The Tuesday and Thursday Roll Ups are for all club members but the money pot is for seniors only. Cards are drawn at 8:15 am.

Club Committee Meetings
 The latest information from the recent committee meeting can be seen on the Members Admin page. 

Recent and Forthcoming Events for Seniors
Thurs 1st February - Roll Up: Won by Mark Maguire with 34 points. 
Tues 6th February - Tiger Trophy: Won by Gary Rogers with 38 Points (See table below)
Wed 7th February - Committee Meeting: 6:30 pm at Folke. See Notes on the Admin page.
Sun 11th February - Medal: Won by Pete Anyan with net 68. See Special Events page for details.
Tues 13th February - Roll Up: Awaiting results on
Thursday 15th February - Medal: Won by Kevin Down with Net 64. See Table below.
Tues 20th February - Roll Up: Won by George Brown with 35 points. See Table below.
Thurs 22nd February - Roll Up: Course Closed
Tues 27th February - Roll Up: Cards drawn at 8:15am.
Thurs 29th February - Roll up: Cards Drawn at 8:15 am.
Tuesday 5th March - Tiger Trophy: Cards drawn at 8:15 am.
Thurs 7th March - County Card Trophy at Folke: 9:00 Tee Off (See above)
Sunday 10th March - Medal: Enter via Howdidido or Entry Sheet on Notice Board.

2024 Senior Events
Feb - May

The Tables  shows the main senior events for 2024 for the next 4 months.  In addition to the usual club competitions there are 7 senior friendly team matches arranged with other local Golf Clubs and (not shown) are the Tuesday and Thursday roll-ups that take place when there are no other events scheduled. The Entry Sheets for the events shown  will be put on the notice board well in advance of the date and all seniors (whatever their handicap)  are encouraged to participate.The table will be kept up to date and will remain a rolling image of the next 4 months.

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2023 Senior and Club Captains Charity

Home-Start Blackmore Vale provides support to parents with at least one child under 5 who are going through a difficult time. Being a parent, whatever your situation, can be very challenging, especially when children are young. Many parents feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the stresses of family life. For some parents it’s a particular struggle because they are also coping with issues such as post-natal depression, their or their child’s illness or disability, isolation or multiple births. That’s when parents need support. That’s when Home-Start Blackmore Vale can help. A carefully selected trained volunteer, who has parenting experience, can visit regularly and offer emotional and practical support. This friendly parent-to-parent support is a simple yet effective way of enabling families to get back on track.

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