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Club Admin Items  & Committee Information

This page shows the administration aspects for club members as discussed at the most recent monthly committee meeting. (Note: Financial information that presented by the treasurer is available for review by members in the club house). All club members are welcome to attend the monthly committee meetings and the date of the next meeting can be seen below. 

Committee Meeting Notes

The following notes are a summary of the salient points from the club Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 15th November

Captains Reports

- Club Captain
The Club Captain expressed some disappointment that the Presentation and Dinner event had been cancelled due to lack of attendees. (See below for further discussion on this topic).

- Hardy A /Hardy B
Nothing to report.

- Three Counties Captain
Matt Lambert reported that the results of the 3CL AGM held at Wheathill were as follows:
i) There will be two divisions with 5 teams in each one. The teams will be Ferndown, Cricket St Thomas, Vivary Park, and 2 Cannington teams in one division and Folke, Yeovil, Long Sutton and 2 Wheathill Teams in the other division. Interest has also been expressed by Hamptworth Golf Club and further league discussion are being held.

ii) Folke will play Cannington B in the winter knockout at Cricket St Thomas.

iii) It is apparent that the WHS will be changing next year. Changes to the course rating will likely result in a decrease in handicaps of the order of 1.3. Further information in due course.

- Senior Captain
Steve Lawes reported that the senior season of friendly matches was very successful with an overall result of: played 17, won 10, drawn 2, lost 5. All the visiting teams were highly pleased with the standard of the course and the hospitality in the club house. The Senior Captain was happy to continue his role in 2024 with the support of two nominated vice captains prepared to organise the Thursday roll up events.
The 2024 senior calendar has now been finalised with 20 matches defined plus a possible further 2 matches with Axe Cliff Golf Club. Somerly Park Golf Club will take the place of Wincanton and Parley and Christchurch are not included. Henstridge will play the Ryder Cup match. The Best 3 of 5 competition and the Senior Christmas Stableford are the main events remaining this year.

H/C Secretary’s Report
Toni reported that the ladies were continuing to play following the taster session supported by some of the seniors and that it would still be worthwhile arranging further advanced sessions for ladies and another in the near future and possibly sessions for youngsters.

- Treasurers Report
The treasurer reported that the balance remains healthy and is similar to the balance at this time last year. The recent outgoings were for trophies and engraving, DCGU fees and the weekend away deposit.

Matters Arising
- Presentation Evening
The survey as to why members didn’t support this event had a limited response but the set date (even though originally defined in January) was the greatest factor. There were no indications concerning the venue or hospitality arrangements. The committee discussed several changes that could be applied to the format of the Presentation Evening to increase its attraction to members and partners. These included :-

- Changing the time of year to spring after the clocks have been moved forward so that the patio are can be utilised in a more informal atmosphere.
- Providing entertainment such as disco/music or race night type features.
- Limiting the presentations to the overall winners to reduce the presentation time required. Monthly prizes could be presented on the day of the competition.
- Possible use of vouchers for use in the club house instead of glassware

The options will be subject to further discussion at the December meeting and the net results presented to the AGM in January. Meanwhile, the outstanding 2022 trophies and the 2023 monthly prizes will be presented at the Club and Senior Christmas Stablefords by Grant and Steve respectively.


- Ball Washers
The Ball Washers are now installed and are working well.

- Christmas Stableford Prizes
Four prizes of meat joints will be obtained for the club and senior Christmas stableford and delivered on 14th December.

- Shower Proof Tops
Following interest from several members for procurement of shower proof tops a suitable supplier has been identified and further information will be obtained by Debbie Hinks. A good quality top with the club logo would retail at about £60 and a Form will be put on the Notice Board to ascertain the level of interest from members.

- Roles and Responsibilities
A short report that identified the different roles and responsibilities of the officials was issued a few weeks ago. The note shows several responsibilities that have not been assigned to anyone. Committee members were tasked to review the note and identify any changes or additions necessary so that it can be published to members and presented at the AGM.

- Course Maintenance
The committee tabled their appreciation of the sterling work done by Green Keeper Andy to keep the course open during the extreme wet weather that has been experienced over the past weeks.

- Club Disciplinary Regulations
The club is required by England Golf to have a disciplinary procedure in place that meets the England Golf requirements. Geoff Bannister tabled a note jointly produced by him and the Club Welfare Officer (Mark Maguire) for signature by the club captain prior to formal issue.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at Folke on Wednesday 13th December at 6:30 pm. All members are welcome to attend.

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  • Dorset DT9 5HR
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