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This page shows the administration aspects for club members and show the club officials appointed for the 2022 season. The year commenced with the Annual General Meeting on 9th January and the salient points from the meeting are shown below. (Note: Financial information that was presented by the treasurer  is available for review by members in the club house). All club members are welcome to attend the monthly committee  meetings and the next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 16th January at 6:30 pm at Folke. 

Annual General Meeting Notes

The following notes are a summary of the salient points from the AGM held on Sunday 9th January

Club Captain Derek welcomed everyone to the meeting and summarised the events in his tough two years in office. Having taken on the secretarial duties and having to cope with the Covid issues were a challenge but overall, the club membership had grown to 112, the club flag was flying proudly on the flagpole and the club was in a solid state financially. He hoped that Mark would enjoy his captainship and that the club would continue to prosper.

The 2022 officials were appointed as follows:
• Club Captain - Mark Maguire
• Club Vice Captain -  Andy Brown
• Treasurer -  Debbie Hinks
• General Secretary - Derek Hinks
• Handicap Secretary - Derek Hinks & Steve Harris
• Fixtures Secretary - Steve Harris
• Web Master -  Geoff Bannister
• Media/Newsletter - Martin Blatchford
• Hardy A Captain - Andy Harris
• Hardy B Captain - Nigel Bow
• 3CL Captain -  Matt Lambert/Andy Brown
• Senior Captain - Terry Cotton
• Senior Vice Captain - Bob Taylor
• General Committee -  Sheridan Hodges, Chris Eve, John Nichol, Darren Priddle

The club membership fees for 2022 were agreed as follows:
• New Members that do not have a registered H/C. £100 (includes 3 rounds for H/C)
• New members with a current official handicap. £70
• Existing members renewal fee £70
The membership fees must be paid by Sunday 13th February to play in any club event after this date.

The match fees for intra and external club matches and competitions were agreed as follows:
Sunday Medal
Centre Members £5 (includes £3 bacon roll)
Non Centre Members £20 ( includes £3 bacon roll)

Other Club Competitions  - Centre Members £2, Non Centre Members £17
Thursday Medal
Tiger Trophy
Race to the Village
Summer & Winter Knockouts

Three Counties, Hardy A/B and Seniors Team Matches (Home or Away)
Centre Members £10 (Includes food)
Non Centre Members £17.5 (Includes food)

- International Pairs £10 per pair

- Honorariums: The usual honorariums for key members were agreed by the meeting (See the Notice Board for details)

- Other Items
• Centre Discounts and Future Plans
The  discount card scheme is no longer in operation but a discount of 50p on a pint of beer would be applied to centre member’s drinks. New doors are being fitted to the clubhouse and the patio area is being extended to increase the available external seating, although this will slightly reduce the size of the putting green.  
- Closing Remarks
Incoming Captain Mark thanked Derek and Debbie Hinks for all their hard work over the past two years and also thanked Terry Cotton for his stalwart leadership of the seniors and Geoff Bannister for his web site, newsletter and other administrative support to the club. He is looking forward to getting everything back to “normal” in our new club house setting.

The meeting closed with the presentation of the Green Jacket to 2022 Club Captain Mark Maguire. 

  • Folke Golf Centre
  • Folke Lane
  • Alweston, Sherborne
  • Dorset DT9 5HR
  • 01963  23330


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