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Club Admin Items  & Committee Information

This page shows the administration aspects for club members as discussed at the most recent  committee meeting. (Note: Financial information that is presented by the treasurer, and other information on discussions  is available for review by members in the club house). All club members are welcome to attend the monthly committee meetings and the date of the next meeting can be seen below. 

Club Officials

The following Club Officials were appointed at the 2024 AGM.

Appointment of 2024 Officials
 The following officials were appointed as follows:
General Secretary: Toni Caswell 
Treasurer: Debbie Hinks 
Welfare/Safety Officer: Mark Maguire 
Fixture Secretary: Steve Harris 
Handicap Secretary:  Martin Blatchford 
Webmaster: Geoff Bannister 
Media/Newsletter Dan Leney  (Dan will also take on the web site later in the year)
General Committee Members: Andy Cole, Reece Lambert, Alan Smith, Terry Cotton, John Nichols, Simon Bellamy, Roger Harvey. 
Club Captain: Grant Jones
Club Vice Captain: Martin Blatchford
Senior Captain:  Steve Lawes
Senior Vice Captains: Ned C-Dart/ George Brown
Hardy A Captain: Craig Pitcher
Hardy A Vice Capts: John Swain/ Dean Vincent
Hardy B Captain: Nigel Bow
Hardy B Vice Capt: Kevin Down
Three Counties Capt: Matt Lambert
Three Counties Vice Captain: Grant Jones
RTTV Captain: Andy Cole

The following notes show the pertinent information from the 7th February Committee Meeting.

- Club Captain
The Club Captain welcomed everyone to this first committee meeting of 2024 and was pleased to see that the meeting was so well attended.

- Senior Captain
Steve Lawes reported that the senior section was thriving and that there was an extensive programme of 22 matches this year. He was supported by two nominated vice captains who will help organise the Thursday roll up events.

- Hardy A /Hardy B Captains
Nothing to report.

- Three Counties Captain
Matt Lambert was pleased to report that many members were wanting to play in the 3CL matches. He also reported that Folke played Cannington B in the winter knockout at Cricket St Thomas but the result was disputed due to a ruling about tied matches. The match is being replayed on 10th February.

- H/C Secretary’s Report
Martin Blatchford stated that he was getting to know the system and that some initial issues had now been resolved and things were working smoothly. He advised that roll-ups were not regarded as formal competitions and the roll up cards were not being scrutinised. Some errors had been found in the recent Tiger Trophy cards.

- Treasurers Report
The January financial report was provided prior to the meeting by the treasurer Debbie Hinks. The balance remains healthy and is similar to the balance at this time last year. The balance is expected to fall since membership fees were being deposited and there are not many debits expected at this time of year.

- Outstanding Actions

- Club Match Fees
At the January AGM the committee were tasked with reviewing the match fees to take into consideration recent increases in food prices. This applicable to the seniors and 3CL events where the club currently provides a £5 subsidy per player. The committee discussed various options including:
1. Increasing the subsidy to keep the costs as per 2023. This was expected to incur an additional cost to the club of over £800.
2. Increasing the subsidy for home matches to cover the cost of the food increase. The costs for away fixtures cannot be ascertained until the cost from the venues are known.

After some debate the Senior Captain proposed that the home match subsidy should be increased by £2.50 to £7.50. This was seconded Matt Lambert and the committee voted to accept this proposal.

- Presentation Evening
Following the cancellation of the 2023 presentation evening due to lack of interest the Club Captain reviewed with the committee the possible alternative arrangements for 2024 including:

- Changing the time of year to spring after the clocks have been moved forward so that the patio are can be utilised in a more informal atmosphere or later in the year following the club championships.
- Providing entertainment such as disco/music or race night type features.
- Limiting the presentations to the overall winners to reduce the presentation time required. Monthly prizes could be presented on the day of the competition.

With the increased support from committee members and an effective publicity campaign the committee considered that the previous arrangements could be made to work and the following proposal was made by the Club Captain and agreed by committee members:

- The event should be remain a formal dinner with presentations restricted to the overall trophies. Monthly senior and non-senior winners would be presented with their awards following the event as determined by the Senior and Club Captain respectively. The date of the event should be 19th October.

- Matters Arising

- Practise Nets and Bunkers
Club Secretary Toni reported that the installation of practise nets and the situation with respect to the sand in the bunkers was being addressed with the Centre and further information will be provided in due course.

- Use of Buggies
The Handicap Secretary reminded the meeting that approval by the committee was necessary before a buggy was used in a competition. He believed that a formal list of approvals should be kept under review by the committee and the secretary was actioned to produce a suitable form and register of applicants.

- Senior Club Championships
The Club Captain reported that some members had raised the issue of holding the senior championships on a weekday. This arrangement had been well discussed at previous meetings and was rejected by the committee.

- Tuesday and Thursday Roll Ups
The committee clarified that the Tuesday and Thursday Roll up events were open to all club members but that non-seniors could not participate in the senior money pot. The club captain offered to discuss the possibility of an additional Tuesday and Thursday tee time slot with the Centre.

- Composite E-Mail list.
The club secretary explained that a composite list of members emails was available that could be utilised for communications with all members (Subject to members GDPR responses) . This was a useful facility that has not been utilised to date. A review of and updates to the list was underway.

- Ex Members Accounts
The secretary reported that it was apparent that there were several ex-members still on the database. The committee agreed that these entries should be deleted.

- Social Media Admin
The committee considered that alternative admins should be available for the club Facebook account and the WhatsApp accounts. The Club Captain took an action to ask Debbie Hinks to get Kevin Down and Martin Blatchford Admin rights for Facebook.

- Golf Etiquette
The Club Captain was concerned that general golf etiquette should be clear to all members and that there were limited signs advising players about aspects such as pitch mark repairs/slow play etc. He offered to provide a sign example for discussion at the next meeting.

- Digital County Cards
The secretary stated that some members who do not have smart phones or other digital devices that are required for access to their County Card. Currently, the cards are only available in digital form. An approach to the DCGU is being made to see if a physical card version can be made available.

- Membership Cards
The secretary stated that there were lots of spare membership cards available that could be used by members to interact with the computer for sign in etc. This will be investigated further and an update provided at the next meeting.

- Club House Changes
Secretary Toni advised that the following changes were being undertaken:

- An update and refurbishment of the notice boards was underway and a request for funding for additional clipboards was agreed by the committee.

- The club computer was being re-sited into the club house so that the office can remain locked and scores entered later in the evenings. After discussion in the meeting, an arrangement using a TV stand was changed to a wall mounted installation.

- Members GDPR contact information is being removed from the notice board and will be stored in a box under the counter with information available on request.

- Partners Evening
A date for this event in June will be requested from the Centre. Friday 21st was the preferred date. The committee also agreed that the men’s handicap should be applied to this 9 hole event. 

- Day Away
Kevin Down reported that 11 names had been entered for this event so far. The committee recommended that 16 places should be allocated with the venue.

- Posters
The apparent success of the posters recently produced to advertise the forthcoming events was recognised by the committee. It was agreed that the monthly £8 premium to remove the Apps watermark should be applied.

- Club Flag
The committee agreed that the flag should be flown at half staff for a week in the event of the passing of a club ex-member. It was noted that the current flag had suffered in the recent high winds.

- Safeguarding Course
Mark Maguire reported that he was had to renew his safeguarding accreditation by undertaking a refresher course that is required every 3 years. Funding for the course was agreed by the committee.

- Senior Captains Day
Steve Lawes stated that he will be discussing a suitable date for the Senior Captains Day with the Centre.

- Open Day
Dan Leney offered to fund an advert for an open day to attract more members if the committee would consider an appropriate format for the event.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at Folke on Wednesday 13th March at 6:30 pm. All members are welcome to attend.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be monthly committee held at Folke on Wednesday 7th February at 6:30 pm. All members are welcome to attend.

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