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The Competitions and Special Activities at Folke Golf Club

See the latest information on club activities and reports of events and achievements. Book your entry into the Monthly Medal and follow the links for further details where available. Specific information on this page includes:
Covid Arrangements, Knockout Status, World Handicap System, competition entry, and how to see the competition results.

COVID Arrangements

With the course set to re-open on Monday 29th March,  the Sunday Medal and other competitions will resume as soon as possible.  In the meantime, roll-ups and ad-hoc matches only will take place.  Until the restrictions are removed,  entry  arrangements for events will be   similar to the  arrangements invoked in January as follows:
- Entry must be requested on line by using the email facility below or by email to Derek Hinks (derekwhinks@aol.com ) or a message via the Club Facebook Page.
- Please email your entry request ASAP prior to the event so that Derek can organise and promulgate the start times to the competitors.
- Senior events entry requests should be sent to Terry Cotton. (See the Senior Page for details)
- Completed score Cards (or a photo) should be provided to Derek Hinks ASAP after the event.

World H/C System

When Covid restrictions are eased, all players will  have to use the terminal in the clubhouse to log onto the system and register to play in a competition before teeing off - they may also log on and register for a social round if they want that to count for handicap purposes.

Your handicap Index is determined by the best 8 scores from the last 20 rounds and you can see how this is calculated by logging onto the EnglandGolf WHS system. To do this you will need to know your I/D Membership Number and use it to register on the WHS system.

How To get your I/D Membership Number:

- Ask Derek Hinks for it or
- Log onto the howdidido web site and click on the icon in the top right hand corner. Your profile will appear together with your CDH I/D Number. and current handicap index.

Other Information

Medal & Tiger Trophy
The medal and Tiger trophy competitions will commence again in May. The Sunday medal is 9th May, the Tiger Trophy is 4th May and the Thursday Medal is 20th May.
Entries for the Sunday Medal can now be submitted.

Knockout Competitions
 The draw for the first round of the three competitions has taken place  and the first round completion date is Wednesday 19th May.  The draw and current status of the knockout competitions are shown on the dedicated Knockout page and can be seen by clicking HERE or via the Menu panel above.

2021 Membership Fees
See the Club Info page for details of the 2021 club fees payable by end of April.

Results and Future Events

The results of all official club competitions are recorded and available on howdidido.com Membership is free and players registered with Folke Golf Club can also view their handicap information. Event winners may also be displayed on the this page and Results Page of this web site.

Calendar of Events
Formal club events are suspended until the Covid restrictions are eased. A revised events calendar will be produced as soon as the situation is clear. The calendar information, when available will be shown on the Calendar Page.  

Competition Entry Request(s) Form

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  • Alweston, Sherborne
  • Dorset DT9 5HR
  • 01963  23330

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