Results Summary


Summary of Results

The detailed results of all club competitions are shown on which all Folke Golf Club players can register on for free. The winning players (1st/2nd/3rd)  are shown in the Table below together with the Order of Merit leaders where applicable. 

Event 1st 2nd3rd
30/3 Roll-upM Clark 38D Butler 38R Taylor 35
1/4 Roll-upK Allen 40G Bannister 35R Taylor 35
 4/4 Roll-upA Guppy 36M Blatchford 34T Smith 33
6/4 Roll-upR Brace 37D Priddle 37M Clark 35
8/4 Roll-upG Knight 37D Priddle 36B Taylor 35
10/4 Roll-upA Guppy 37Craig Pitcher 37K Down 36
13/4 Roll-upP Fletcher 38D Priddle 38M Clark 34
15/4 Roll-upD Priddle 36P Fletcher 33M Weston 32
18/4 Roll-upM Blatchford 39N Bow 37K Down 36
  • Folke Golf Centre
  • Folke Lane
  • Alweston, Sherborne
  • Dorset DT9 5HR
  • 01963  23330

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